Who Is The Mystery Man Nicki Minaj Is Singing About In These Songs?

Ganja Burn” kicks off
Queen by stating the obvious: Nicki Minaj is back and better than ever. Right away, Minaj sets the tone for the album. She references her hiatus before calling out anyone who thinks they can take a shortcut to the top. “Yo, you can’t wear Nicki wig and then be Nicki,” she raps. Meanwhile, the chorus of the dancehall hit reveals Minaj’s thoughts behind her bold front. “Every time I get high, I just think about you,” she repeats on a loop. Her use of the phrase “ganja burn” acts as a double entendre that illustrates how she is cutting out the negative things in her life. If her life and career is a garden, she’s burning the weeds. Even after simplifying her life, this person still seems to be on her mind. Minaj isn’t usually one for cryptic messages in her music. She usually favors a much more upfront approach like the rest of her album. We know that whoever it is probably wasn’t from the last year, because during an
interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Minaj revealed that she was taking a break from dating for the entirety of 2017.

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