Ryan Reynolds Is Making A Stoner Version of Home Alone Because Why Not

The great thing about movies is they can be about basically anything we want, and that’s never been more true than with Ryan Reynold’s next project Stoned Alone. Deadline is reporting that Reynolds will produce the film for Fox, which will be a riff on the 90’s family comedy Home Alone. The film centers on a 20-something stoner who misses his flight for a holiday ski trip. Bummer! But then, he gets high. Maybe too high, because his paranoia soon has him thinking that people are breaking into his house. But then, real thieves actually do break into his house! Wooaahhhhh. From there it’s off to the races as, in classic Home Alone style, our high hero attempts to thwart the thieves with creative attacks. Which we have to assume are basically the same traps 8-year-old Kevin set, but made much slower and with lots more nacho breaks.

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